Published: 05.07.2021
Tongue twisters are very useful for learning a foreign language. Besides helping to warm up and stretch vocal muscles, it is a great way to practice your pronunciation. A good tongue twister can help you: to learn and practice pronunciation and phonetics of the words, to learn and memorize new words, to practice your pronunciation speed, to focus and relax before speaking a foreign language!

How to practice the language with tongue twisters:

1. Read it out loud slowly at first
2. Read and repeat each word separately
3. Now you can try to pronounce the whole thing slowly at first, speeding up after repeating it several times.

Ехал Грека через реку, видит Грека в реке рак. Сунул Грека руку в реку. Рак за руку Грека цап!
English Translation: Greka was going over the river, Greka saw a lobster in the river, Greka put his hand in water, The lobster snatched his hand.
[YE-hal GRYE-ka CHE-ryez RYE-koo
VEE-deet GRYE-ka v RYE-ke RAK
SOO-nool GRYE-ka ROO-koo v RYE-koo
RAK za ROO-koo GRYE-ka TSAP]

На дворе трава, на траве дрова. Не руби дрова на траве двора!
English Translation: The grass is in the yard, the logs are on the grass. Don't chop the logs on the grass of the yard.

[na dva-RYE tra-VA, na tra-VYE dra-VA.
NEE roo-BEE dra-VA na tra-VYE dva-RA]

Проворонила ворона воронёнка. English Translation: A crow lost a little crow.

[pra-va-RO-nee-la va-RO-na va-ra-NYON-ka]

Сшит колпак, да не по-колпаковски, вылит колокол, да не по-колоколовски. Надо колпак переколпаковать, перевыколпаковать. Надо колокол переколоколовать, перевыколоколовать.
English Translation: The cap was made not as a cap,The bell was made not as a bell.The cap needs to be remade.The bell needs to be remade.

[SSHEET kal-PAK, da nee pa-kal-pa-KO-fskee,
Vi-leet KO-la-kal, da nee pa-ka-la-ka-LO-fski.
NA-da kal-PAK pye-rye-kal-pa-ka-VAT', pye-rye-VI-kal-pa-ka-vat'.
NA-da KO-la-kal pye-rye-ka-la-ka-VAT', pye-rye-VEE-ka-la-ka-vat']

Please note that Russian words переколпаковать, перевыколпаковать, and переколоколовать, перевыколоколовать were specifically created for this tongue twister. They are not normally used in Russian language.

Кукушка кукушонку сшила капюшон. Примерил кукушонок капюшон.
Как в капюшоне он смешон!

English Translation: Cuckoo has made a hood for a little cuckoo. The little cuckoo has tried on the hood. He looks so funny in the hood!

[koo-KOOSH-ka koo-koo-SHON-koo sshee-la ka-pyoo-SHON.
pri-MYE-ril koo-koo-SHO-nak ka-pyoo-SHON.
KAK v ka-pyoo-SHO-nye on smee-SHON]

От топота копыт пыль по полю летит.
English Translation: From stomping of hooves dust rises.
[at TO-pa-ta ka-PIT PIL' PO-pa-lyoo lEE-TEET]

Наш Полкан попал в капкан
English Translation: Our Polkan (Polkan is a dog's name) was caught into a trap.

[NASH pal-KAN pa-PAL f kap-KAN]

У перепела и перепёлки пять перепелят.
English Translation:
A (male) quail and a (female) quail have five little quails.

[OO pye-rye-pye-LA I pye-rye-PYOL-kee PYAT' pye-rye-pye-LYAT]

У ежа – ежата, у ужа – ужата.
English Translation: A hedgehog has little hedgehogs, and a grass snake has little grass snakes.

[OO ye-ZHA ye-ZHA-ta, oo oo-ZHA – oo-ZHA-ta]

Жужжит жужелица, жужжит, да не кружится.
English Translation: A ground beetle is making a humming noise, making a humming noise, but is not whirling.

[zhoo-ZHEET zhoo-zhe-LEE-tsa, zhoo-ZHEET, da ni kroo-ZHEE-tsa]

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