Published: 05.07.2021
5 crucial expressions to survive in Russia

For those who have just started learning the Russian language or planning a trip to Russia and know only some common expressions from the phrasebook Enjoy Russian schools made up a list of crucial Russian vocabulary. Why the survival lesson? The city of Petrozavodsk where we are situated is not that busy and intimidating as Moscow or St. Petersburg and people do not meet foreigners every single second. That's why learning Russian here is on the one hand super effective (people at the streets of Petrozavodsk talk to you only Russian) but on the other hand, has it could be problematic sometimes for foreigners to find the way around (not for our students since they are always with Russian volunteers). So here are our top 5.

Survival Russian phrases worth keeping in mind:

  1. По карте или наличными? With a card or cash? – You may always use gestures and point to your purse or a credit card to make people at the shop/ restaurant understand you. But to feel and act like a real Russian you better ask "Pa karte ily nalichnymi?"
  2. Кто последний? Who is last? Sometimes when in Russia you need to join the queue. But may face the situation when you enter the post office or bank branch and don't see the start point of the queue. Here's when you ask: "Кто последний?"
  3. Сколько? How many (much)? Even in Moscow and St. Petersburg you can find not only self-service shops but also "old school" mini-markets where you need to ask a сashier for the goods and prices. In that case that is very important to ask how many and how much something costs or what amount you'd like to buy. How many? = сколько? (Skolka?)
  4. Осторожно! Be careful! Not to witness a huge icicle from the roof kills a passer-by be ready to learn by the heart Russian version of "be careful" – осторожно! (astarozhna!)
  5. Finally, the expression most frequently requested by foreigners. How to say I love you in Russian? Useful to learn because here we have the pronoun – Я (I) and the verb you use to talk about love – любить.
Next time we will give you another five. But to learn them right now sign up for a free trial Skype lesson and watch Enjoy Russian video about how to greet people in Russia!
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