Published: 05.07.2021
Lilia. She knows everything about cultural life in Petrozavodsk.

My name is Lilia, and I'm a volunteer at the Enjoy Russian school. I've always wanted to take part in an activity such as this, and I am happy to be a part of it. My passion is learning foreign languages, which includes not only learning new words but new cultures and foreign mentality. Volunteering, for me, is the best way to meet new friends from all over the world – as well as to explore my hometown! People come here from every corner of the world and it's a pleasure for me to guide them, tell them about the culture and the history of my country, and my town. It is rich and I'm really proud of it. I also enjoy music, art, reading, and organizing events. Welcome to Petrozavodsk!

Vladimir. He will share with you secrets about Russian Banya.

If I am not in a sports gym or at a musical repetition then I definitely spend time with "Enjoy Russian school" students. I have been volunteering since the 2004 year. Most of all I like to take students to banya! A remarkable experience is guaranteed!
P.S. Vladimir really knows everything about banya, all secrets and a lot of funny stories.

Sasha. He makes cool photos of Petrozavodsk and our students.

Hi! My name is Alexander! I am 20 years old. I became a volunteer because I am really interested in different cultures of other countries and foreign languages. It is always exciting to meet people from all over the world, communicate and learn more about them and place, from where they came.
I am a graphic designer, photographer and a 3D artist. In future I'd like to study at the University in German.
I like the modern culture of America, Europe and Japan. Music, cinema, design, ecology are my favourite subjects for a conversation. Also I adore Disney!
Right now I learn English and sometimes I speak with mistakes, but I will always understand you and a way to express my thoughts

Lilit. Knows many languages and interesting stories about Petrozavodsk.

My name is Lilit. I am a volunteer at the "Enjoy Russian school" school for 2 years. That was my first experience of being a volunteer and from now I have a great opportunity to help foreigners to practice languages (Russian, English, French, Armenian) and meet a lot of friends all around the world.
Now I also continue helping students in our State University. My passion is traveling and meeting people from different corners of our planet. Such an amazing opportunity to share our cultural identity and break all the stereotypes!

Join our courses and make a lot of new friends during your stay in Petrozavodsk!
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