Published: 05.07.2021
There are six stages of proficiency:

· A1 (Элементарный – Elementary) – You start from scratch (from the alphabet) and reach a survival step. It usually takes 6 weeks of an intensive course (120 hours) to gain Elementary if you are a complete beginner.

· A2 (Базовый – Basic) – By this time you expand your vocabulary and keep the conversation going about simple topics such as family and friends, food and traditional cuisine, traveling and transport, cities and directions. You need about 6-8 weeks (120-160 h) to achieve the Basic stage if you passed the Elementary exam.

· B1 (ТРКИ-1 – Первый сертификационный уровень – The first certificate) – You have made a breakthrough and you can talk about politics, economics, social problems, and other serious topics. At this point, you stop asking questions about the Russian language difficulty level and start enjoying the process of speaking fluently with the locals and friends from abroad. 6-8 weeks (120-160 h) and you may receive your first official paper that confirms your knowledge.

· B2 (ТРКИ-2 – Второй сертификационный уровень – The second certificate) – You already understand the difference between the colloquial and written styles, differentiate and use slang, and read authentic newspapers and magazines. Approximately 12 weeks (240 h) of schooling and after that, you pass your B2 exam successfully.

· C1 (ТРКИ-3 – Третий сертификационный уровень – The third certificate) – You are able to do researches in different branches of science, using very specific narrow vocabulary. In addition, you do not find it difficult to watch TV, talking to people or working in Russia.

· C2 (ТРКИ-4 – Четвёртый сертификационный уровень – The fourth certificate) – You are like a native speaker! You've made it! Congratulations!

·Here is a brief description of levels of language structure and the most popular studying routes at our school:


This 6-week program brings you to the first (A1) proficiency step. You are to learn how to talk about places, describe rooms, the interior, talk about climate and weather, gifts and holidays, cinema, music and theatre, friends, appearance and many other things. Our relaxed and student-friendly atmosphere helps you to absorb new information and to implement it efficiently in your speech.

This way leads you to A2, which means you'll have enough communicative abilities to travel in Russia. It goes out of the question that you can describe cities and countries (including yours), discuss the advantages of different means of transport, professions with their ups and downs, and relationships with a level of Russian you have. It also helps you to understand local traditions, customs, common superstitions, and holidays better.

This program is created for people who have reached A2 and are eager to improve what they already know. Here you learn a lot about our country, its geographical features, cities, and culture. At the end of it, you receive a B1. Having the latter is mandatory for those who want to enter a Bachelor's degree at a university in Russia or participate in any exchange program.

Placement test

· When you apply for the classes at the Enjoy Russian Language School, you take an entry grammar and vocabulary free quiz that helps us to determine your competencies and place you in the right group. The right choice for you is with students that have covered the same topics and grammar as you did. Apparently, being in this place means that you'll study the material that will let you not only bring your passive wordlist out but also focus on developing your speaking and listening competencies.

It often happens that we meet applicants that have a big passive vocabulary, they read easily and catch many words, but find it hard to communicate because of the lack of practice. That's why we mostly concentrate on creating lots of opportunities for learners to actually try themselves in real communication.

· When you arrive, the education coordinator of the school might also want to check your oral skills. Sometimes the written part does not show us the whole picture because some people don't know the grammar very well, but hold a discussion amazingly great. If such a thing happens, we let the student attend lessons with stronger students if he/she feels like doing this. We always ask you if you feel comfortable and offer to try other groups with different Russian language levels if needed.


The textbooks are carefully chosen to meet the requirements of all of the learners. We utilize only communicative textbooks that give us a lot of opportunities for listening and communication. Our teachers also prepare extra material if needed in order to make the educational process more interesting, useful, and fun, for example, outdoor quests, quizzes, competitions, etc.


As a rule, our teachers work from Monday to Friday in the morning or after lunch. So, there are 4 academic hours each day and one class lasts 45 minutes. If you would like to have a more intensive curriculum, you are free to ask for additional individual lessons with a teacher to focus on your personal gaps and have even more discussions on educating and captivating topics you are interested in.


At the end of the course, you are going to receive a diploma that says what exactly you have explored and the number of hours you've spent in our institution.

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