Do you want to master your writing and speaking skills with cordial and knowledgeable students of your level and age? Do you think a language course should remind you of an exciting holiday or a hobby rather than a boring academic routine? This course could help. Join the group and dive into history, try on a unique culture and boost your language proficiency at a comfortable pace and with regular progress evaluation.


Groups with people of the same age and level
60-min lessons twice a week, €10/hour
Less grammar, more oral practice
The steady and enjoyable pace of teaching
Relevant vocabulary and communication with natives
Culture and history are in the foreground


For people who are obsessed with levels and certificates, we highly recommend another intensive course, because these lessons are all about pleasure and new world revelation.

· If you hate the same-type exercises given in the Russian textbook, still shy away from the most difficult grammar topics, and abandoned all hope to find the balanced and interactive course

· If you want to make friends with natives and see what is inside their hearts, flats, and thoughts

· If you hit the glass ceiling and want to look at the world from another angle with the help of people of different backgrounds

· If you are starving for new facts about Tsars, ballet, and museums and want to learn about the unique culture more in detail

· If you are looking for a tutor who easily becomes a friend to each student

· And if you want to be loved, surrounded with care and attention studying in a tranquil and friendly atmosphere

Then feel free to join the group now and start full-scale immersion. We already taught more than 2500 students, now it is your turn to discover the mystery of Russia and find a piece of it in yourself.

Students max in a group of your level (A0 – B1)

-min lessons, twice a week
year to reach the next level
euro per month


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from Spain

"The principal element of Suprematism in painting, as in architecture, is its liberation from all social or materialist tendencies. Through Suprematism, art comes into its pure and unpolluted form."I started learning this language 3 years ago in a small linguistic center in Barcelona, and then in an official language school. I think that I am too old to study so I need much more time to communicate and understand when someone is speaking. When I started my lessons with this school I couldn’t even open my mouth. Now I can speak much better. It was a great experience for me. "


the USA, 48 y.o.

For me, it was especially important to take lessons because my country and Russia have so much in common. And it is more convenient for me to travel to a neighboring country with the ability to speak and understand its language. I had online lessons with a wonderful teacher, she is easy to communicate with. And now I am almost fearless to put my knowledge into practice.


from Sweden

I always wanted to study Russian but my teacher here was the best one I have ever met. The atmosphere was welcoming, I had a chance to see how people live in this country from the inner side. It was actually a bit of surprise when I suddenly got myself on the idea that I could communicate absolutely different language.
Why should I choose your School to learn the language?
We have been teaching since 2003 and know everything about cordial Russian welcome and can transmit it through the screen. Back to the pre-pandemic time, the school organized immersive trips for 200 foreign students each year. Men and women from Kenya, Norway, Australia, and other countries were lucky to spend from 1 to 12 weeks in Petrozavodsk and along with intensive Russian courses they got familiar with cuisine (tasting famous borsch, pelmeni, and syrniki), went to datchas in summer with their host families, met volunteers, had fun on Karelian folk dancing classes and outdoor traditional games, got impressed with the beauty of monasteries, waterfalls, and snowy landscapes. Therefore, teachers are fully aware of what could be of high interest for you and your groupmates and do best for you not to feel social restrictions pressure. The School is a part of one bigger language center based in Petrozavodsk in the northwest of the country. Kids, students and adults learn many languages and the significant advantage here is that managers and tutors know how to work with people of all ages, create engaging lessons and teach efficiently.

You learn with native professionals. Not every native speaker is a talented teacher who may answer all questions and elicit students' potential. Our teachers are experienced professionals who constantly improve the study process by adding new materials to the self-developed interactive library. When learning the language, no matter if you teach yourself Russian online or study Chinese or Swedish students should not sound old-fashioned. The language itself is a personality that gives birth to new words and phrases, patterns of communicating. Each lesson with our tutors is based on modern and up-to-date vocabulary locals use on daily basis.

Students can see where they go and can plan their future. The clear study program is divided into several modules with each one touching upon the most important topics to survive even in a small village where no one speaks English. You acquire not just communicative skills you make useful phrases stick into your mind and this active vocabulary allows you to order food, buy tickets, read news, and understand political announcements. The course's participants can always see into the plan and find the topic they are at now. As for the level, it takes the precise number of 96 academic hours to reach a new level. Once you come to the School you immediately understand that the learning process here Is not a sprint, this is a marathon that can last up to 4, 5 years depending on your goal.

Studying with us is simple. All you need to study the Russian language online is a laptop, camera, and basic computer knowledge. School's coordinator sends instructions on how to use the platform to each group member. If you already have everything from the list, you can study the language at a comfortable pace step by step in a small group of people who share your interests. All classes are held in the week according to the timetable (Moscow time which is UTC/GMT +3 hours, without any clock change during the year) previously discussed with School's coordinator, this is why students are never worried about time zones and place they live. Even if for some reason a student cannot join the group, each lesson is recorded and available to watch and keep up with other students.

What are the advantages of studying in a group?
Many adults prefer group classes to individual ones because this is a great opportunity to get driven away by other people's life experiences. Each group member passes the Russian test online and then the study process turns out to be diverse and unique with travelers, doctors, hockey lovers, or farm owners in one group. This is a great mix of nationalities, genders, and cultural backgrounds. The first lesson is always devoted to greetings so everyone gets to know each other better. Later throughout the course teacher uses some exercises in mini-groups and pairs. Some people become friends from the very first lesson and by the final test they already plan a trip to Baikal or Kamchatka. This is also a way to find love (as it happened with one of our students from Germany). Since the main focus remains on language itself, even shy and introvert type people will be in their element.

What is more, in terms of teaching efficiency group classes are more preferable because students observe different styles of speaking and writing. There is no person in Russia who speaks identical to his or her neighbor, so the students should not get adjusted to just one teacher or groupmate.

What levels of Russian language does the program cover?
The main feature of the course is that even uneasy grammar topics are presented in a gentle, pressure-less way with lots of examples and moving forward only after everyone soaks the information in. The full program covers levels from beginners to B1. First of all, you learn how to use different forms of greetings, ask how the others are doing, talk about yourself and about other people, ask the teacher to write, say, repeat something. After you cover all those topics you start telling where you live, work(ed) and study (ied), what hobbies you have, get confidence in counting till 20. You fill in your active vocabulary with words and phrases about cultural life and historical facts, learn how to make appointments, and use static and dynamic verbs.

For weeks more and you know how to speak about things in common. What unites famous Soviet opera singers and Italy? How do people live in different parts of the former Soviet Union? What is the difference between dumplings in Vladivostok and Ural? Each new word opens up cultural facts about people and puts together the jigsaw puzzle of what the country is.

By reaching the B1 level you know how to compare the living standards of people of your age, have your own opinion on outstanding artists and actively use some professional vocabulary. Teachers also add some other topics such as recipes, literature, movies. When learning, keep in mind that the course might be the jumping-off point toward your real trip to Russia.



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