Published: 05.07.2021
10 ways Russians say "I'm shocked!"

Sometimes you communicate with Russian native speakers and you would love to express your emotions about their stories and to keep the conversation going, but all that you can say is just да. After reading this article you will learn several useful phrases that sound very natural and will show your profound decent knowledge of the Russian language to your conversation partner! Especially now, when you have to stay at home because of the coronavirus you have a unique opportunity to spend more time on learning Russian. Let's start!
"Вот это да!" or "Ничего себе", what phrase to choose for surprise or admiration?
  1. Вот это да! Perhaps, this is the expression of surprise and sometimes admiration.
    — Родители купили ей машину, потому что она хорошо сдала все экзамены в университете. Parents bought a car for her because she passed all examinations at university
    — Вот это да!
  2. Не может быть! Literally it is translated as it cannot be!
    — Как только в нашем городе объявили карантин, туалетную бумагу раскупили за два часа. As soon as quarantine was announced in our city, toilet paper was sold out in 2 hours.
    — Не может быть!
  3. Ничего себе! This phrase will help you to show your support and also concern about the topic of your dialogue.
    — Моя собака убежала, и я никак не могу её найти. My dog ran away and I can't find it.
    — Ничего себе! Я надеюсь, ты её найдёшь. I hope you will find it.
  4. С ума сойти! This expression means it is driving me crazy.
    — Сначала Лена опоздала на поезд, а потом и на самолёт. Ей пришлось покупать билеты на другой рейс. First Lena missed her train, then she was late for her plane. She had to buy tickets for another flight.
    — С ума сойти! В следующий раз ей нужно выходить из дома заранее. Next time she should better leave the house earlier.

5. Да ты что! Maybe this phrase had a continuation before, something like what are you talking about? But people were too lazy to say the whole sentence and they just cut it. Or they were too shocked to finish their thought. Anyway, you can also say да что ты говоришь!
— Моя одногруппница сделала себе татуировку прямо на лбу. My groupmate got her tattoo made right on her forehead.
— Да ты что! Ты можешь показать её фотографию? Can you show me her photo?

6. Ух ты! Sometimes the Russians use ух (basically you can meet it in books) to show their amusement or happiness and it is never used after learning bad news or in negative contexts.
— Игорь и Катя катались на сноубордах на каникулах в Финляндии. Igor and Katya went snowboarding on holidays in Finland.
— Ух ты, я тоже так хочу! I would like to do the same

7. Правда? Really? This is also an adequate reaction to a piece of news. May sound pretty neutral.
— Я люблю ванильное мороженое с шоколадным сиропом. I like vanilla ice-cream with chocolate syrup.
— Правда? Я тоже. Really? Me too.

8. Серьёзно? This word is a twin of the previous one, feel free to use it in various situations.
— Я забыл, что у нас сегодня годовщина свадьбы и не купил подарок. I forgot that we have a wedding anniversary and didn't buy a present.
— Серьёзно? Что ты будешь делать? Seriously? What are you going to do?

9. Да ладно!? Usually, after saying this phrase people wait for more details or further explanation.
— Он сделал ей предложение в Париже! He proposed to her in Paris!
— Да ладно!? Она согласилась? Really!? Did she say yes?

10. Я в шоке! I am shocked! Don't be shocked by its' simplicity of use.
— Сегодня я читал статью про русский язык и всё понял! Today I read an article about the Russian language and understood everything!
— Ничего себе! Я в шоке! (a row of phrases to express admiration and respect)

Was it useful for you? Would you like to learn other phrases like this? Come to Russia and visit Enjoy Russian Language school then! We offer language courses, accommodation with Russian families, and cultural programs! Stay tuned and healthy!
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