Published: 05.07.2021
The Russian Language textbooks that are used in the courses of "Enjoy Russian" language school meet the following criteria:
  • high quality
  • correspondence with International and Russian standards of teaching Russian as a foreign language
  • communicative approach
  • based on the modern foreign language teaching methods and techniques
  • students appreciation
The school uses one main textbook for each level of groups, but sometimes teachers with assistance of the education coordinator might decide to use some other textbook if it better corresponds to the students' needs.

Here is the list and short description of the textbooks that are used in our courses:

A0-A1 level
  1. Светлана Коншина, Елена Марьина «Диалог». To our opinion, the best choice for a communicative course, because it covers exactly what you need to learn to be able to communicate in the most frequent situations when in Russia.
  2. И. Мозелова "Русский сувенир". It's a modern study complex that combines a textbook, a workbook and an audio disk. It absolutely meets the nowadays requirements towards the foreign language teaching materials. It will help you to put a solid foundation of your Russian. The instructions in the first few lessons are written in English, so you will feel more confident if start learning Russian with this textbook.
  3. О. Долматова и др. "Точка ру". The perfect balance of grammar, vocabulary and conversational skills of modern Russian language is the key feature of this textbook. The combination of traditional and modern teaching methods helps students to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently: to hold a conversation on such topics as Family and Home, Work and Free time, Food and Drink, Plans and Travel, Holidays and Fashion, and others.

A1-A2 level
  1. И. Мозелова «Русский сувенир» proposes interesting and useful material to expand your knowledge of Russian and learn to talk about the most frequent subjects: family, travelling, buying things and etc.
  2. С. и А. Чернышовы "Поехали". It's a great textbook that provides students with enough of speaking exercises both with grammar and vocabulary practice.
  3. Л.В. Миллер, Л.В. Политова и др. "Жили-были. 12 уроков русского языка". Great texts, interesting discussions, dialogs that help you better understand the spoken Russian.
  4. В.Е. Антонова и др. "Дорога в Россию. Базовый уровень". It's a great textbook to prepare for the A2 Russian language TORFL exam. It mostly focuses on practicing the grammar and vocabulary and might be really useful for those who want to brush up their Russian.

A2-B1 level
  1. И. Мозелова «Новый сувенир» – great choice if you want to learn daily life useful Russian. The course will give you lots of vocab to talk about your fillings, attitudes, relationships with people.
  2. Т.И. Капитонова. "Живём и учимся в России". On this level students learn how to speak about more serious topics in Russian: politics, economics, society and etc. This textbook provides lots of interesting texts, dialogs and exercises that will help you to bring your Russian up to a higher level.

B1-B2 level
  1. О. Чубарова «Встреча. Ру» is a great textbook to learn how to speak as Russians speak. It brings up controversial topics that do not let you stay indifferent and make you want to speak up Russian to express your own opinions and share ideas.
  2. Л.И. Москвитина "В мире новостей". Taking the course with this textbook will allow you understand the Russian newspapers, news on the TV and any other TV-shows and programs.

  1. О. В. Головко «Вперёд» focuses on speaking about simple topics, but using advanced vocabulary for that.
  2. Л.Ю. Скороходов, Л.В. Хорохордина. "Окно в Россию". This textbook gives students the idea and teaches how to use the modern Russian stylistics. If you take this course, you'll find out everything about Russian slang and language of the mass media.

К.А. Рогова и др. "Русский язык. Учебник для продвинутых". The textbook consists of 4 parts. Each part focuses on 1 or 2 important life topics: movies and theatres, modern people lifestyles, religion.

Some extra materials might be also used in the lessons in order to add some important information / practice the learned material more intensively / make the lesson more interesting and fun

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