Published: 05.07.2021
Enjoy Russian team always gets feedbacks from its students to make the Russian learning programs more and more effective and comfortable for everyone. We asked our student Maria Pyata to express her opinion on the reasons to learn Russian as a foreign language.

Russian language is one of the most difficult in the world. However, every year more and more people go into learning Russian. This week 34 foreign students came to our school to learn Russian. They were interviewed why they decided to study Russian. I was surprised how the reasons vary! The most common reason is job. Many people work at international firms where they must speak a few foreign languages and as you know Russian is spread all over the world. Russian is one of the official languages of the United Nations.

Another cause is love to Russia and Russian culture. One of our foreign student told that he liked reading Russian literature and it's better to read in only in Russian because all even very good translations can't express the depth of the Russian soul. No matter how it's difficult, but it's worth it! Especially the poetry must be read only in Russian! Our literature is great and influenced on famous foreign authors such as Honore de Balzak, Thomas Mann etc.
The most interesting for me was when people answered that it's just a hobby for them! It must be very exciting and fun hobby to learn so difficult language. It's really very interesting that people from all over the world are keen on learning foreign languages. Unfortunately the Russians aren't so eager to learn languages. Foreigners can face with difficulties in Russian cities, for example in shops, in restaurants on the street. It's very seldom when service staff speaks even English. It's a shame, but the problems have roots in the system of our education. Schools have to pay more attention on learning foreign languages.

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