Study program

A0/A1 Russian language level – Элементарный уровень

Topics You will learn to… Grammar and vocabulary Amount of hours
1. Meeting people Get acquainted, introduce yourself and others Cyrillic alphabet, constructions «Кто это?», «Что это?», «Это…» 4
2. Occupation Talk about professions, ask for a phone number, ask for repetition Numbers 0-9 and professions, personal pronouns 8
3. Daily routine Talk about your everyday activity Verbs conjugation 4
4. Time Tell time, make an appointment Time, parts of a day, numbers 10-100 4
5. Family Talk about your family Possessive adjectives, family members 4
6. Our lesson Understand your teachers instructions Imperative form of verbs, activities at the lesson 4
7. Personal things Talk about what you have and ask people if they have something Gender of nouns, construction «У меня есть…», personal things, numbers 100-1000 4
8. My plans Set a meeting, talk about your plans for a week Nouns in plural, days of week 4
9. My city Talk about your city, ask where to go, understand signs in a city Adjectives, places in a city 4
10. In a restaurant Order in a restaurant, buy a ticket Accusative case, phrases for ordering or buying something 4
11. Yesterday Talk about your day yesterday Past tense of verbs, prepositional case for locations 4
12. Countries Talk about countries, ask a person where he/she is from Countries, months 4
13. Weather Talk about the weather Weather, seasons 4
14. Nationalities Talk about traditions and nationalities Traditions and nationalities 4
15. My house Describe your house, call for a master to fix something Plural of nouns (exceptions), furniture, rooms 12
16. Food Talk about food, recepies, invite friends for dinner Instrumental case, future tense, useful phrases for shopping and restaurants 12
17. Health Talk about health, about lifestyle, about mood, agree and disagree Dative case, short form of adjectives, parts of body, emotions, mood 12
18. People Talk about people’s character, appearance, compare things Comparative and superlative adjectives 8
19. Clothes Buy clothes Genitive case 4
20. Travelling Order a taxi, talk about your trip Verbs of motion идтиходитьехатьездитьtransport 12

Total: 120 academic hours

A1/A2 Russian language level – Базовый уровень

Topics You will learn to… Grammar and vocabulary Amount of hours
1. Self-portrait Give personal information, fill in applications and forms using the formal Russian Verbs зовут, называется, учить, учиться, изучать; question words 4
2. Jobs Talk about jobs and salary Difference between работать, подрабатывать, зарабатывать 8
3. My day Say the time and describe your day Time expressions, directions (Accusative case) 4
4. Life style Describe your usual day Aspects of verbs 6
5. Free time Share your experiences and talk about free time Verbs of motion without prefixes 4
6. Recreation Talk about locations and interesting places to have fun Prepositional case of adjectives 6
7. Shopping Buy things in a store, talk about shopping Transitive verbs of motionClothes 6
8. Impulsive buyers Talk about shopaholism and compare shopping in different countries Genitive pluralSouvenirs 6
9. To eat or not to eat? Talk about food, diets, restaurants Imperative, prepositions с and без 4
10. Health Talk about health and diseases, healthy life style Aspects of verbs with можно and нельзя 4
11. At the doctor’s Talk about symptoms and diagnosis Aspects of verbs in imperative 6
12. Likes & dislikes Talk about things you like and don’t like Accusative case of animate nouns and adjectives, verb нравиться / понравиться 4
13. Art To describe pieces of art, talk about artists and their paintings Time constructions , verbs with root –каз 6
14. How can I get to…? Ask and explain the way, talk about routes Verbs of motion with prefixes 6 (74)
15. Traveling Talk about trips and traveling, recommend places you’ve visited Aspects of verbs of motion, constructions with хотянесмотря начуть не 6
16. Beauty will save the world Talk about appearance, describe body and face features, compare things Comparative and superlative forms of adjectives, то, –нибудькое 6
17. Character Describe people’s personalities, talk about fate and horoscopes Short forms of adjectives, reflexive pronoun себя 6
18. Is there life on mars? Talk about global problems (ecology, wars, terrorism) Conditional constructions еслили,subjunctive если бы 8
19. My house Talk about your house or flat, describe its interior Verbs класть, ставить, вешать, subjunctive надо, чтобы 4
20. Children’s world Talk about life of children in different countries, discuss ways of how to educate kids Negative constructions with не and ни, pronouns всевсё 4
21. Foreign languages Talk about difficulties and problems in learning foreign languages Participles, passive constructions, reflexive pronoun другдруга 6
22. Rich and poor Talk about economics and level of life, discuss social problems Gerund: forms and usage, prepositions длязана 6

Total: 120 academic hours

A2/B1 – Первый сертификационный уровень

Topics You will learn to… Grammar and vocabulary Amount of hours
1. Интервью с англичанкой Дженни Talk about your choices and reasons why you did what you did, describe Russian character and mentality Nominative case of pronouns, nouns and adjectives, direct and indirect speech 5
2. Россия. Общие сведения Talk about geographic, political, economic and etc. features of countries Genitive case of pronouns, nouns and adjectives 5
3. Москва – столица России Talk about ancient and modern Moscow, describe capitals Genitive case of pronouns, nouns and adjectives 5
4. Мое путешествие по России Describe your trips, talk about routes and travelling Compound sentences with который 5
5. Северная Венеция Talk about Saint Petersburg (colloquial speech), ask and give directions Verbs of motion 5
6. Санкт-Петербург Talk about Saint Petersburg (formal speech) and some historical events (blockade) Prepositional case of pronouns, nouns and adjectives, constructions with благодаряиззанесмотря 5
7. Пётр Первый Talk about life of Peter the Great and his great deeds “Powerful” vocabulary: руководить, влиять, устраивать and etc. 5
8. Академик Лихачёв Talk about biographies Biographical vocabulary: родиться, вырасти, поступить, заниматься… 5
9. Лора – защитница «Брянского леса» в России Talk about personal experiences Dative case of pronouns, nouns and adjectives 5
10. Человек и природа Talk about global problems Compound sentences with иано 5
11. Здравоохранение в Российской Федерации Describe the health care system of Russia and your country, talk about health and illnesses Condition in a compound sentence 5
12. Как я болел разными болезнями Talk about health and diseases, make a doctor’s appointment, explain your problem to a doctor Parts of the body and organsAspects of verbs 5
13. Крупнейшие университеты России Describe the education system of your country, compare it with the Russian one, talk about universities, exams, teachers… Conjunctions что, чтобы, лиAccusative case of time 8
14. Уроки русского языка Talk about learning foreign languages, discuss difficulties and problems in learning Accusative case of directions 5
15. В чём счастье? Express your ideas about ways to be happy, describe people’s personalities Personal featuresShort forms of adjectives 5
16. Свадьба Talk about weddings and everything that is related to them Declination of family names 5
17. «Метель» (А.С. Пушкин) Narrate romantic stories Accusative case (object) 5
18. Увлечения Talk about hobbies Instrumental case of pronouns, nouns and adjectives 6
19. История «Венеры Таврической» Describe pieces of art, their history Participles 6
20. Необычный путешественник Talk about travelling and travelers, describe your travel experience Conjunction не только…, но и… 6
21. Интервью с Самером аль-Аси Take interviews, give advice Instrumental case of pronouns, nouns and adjectives in plural 6
22. Наука в 21 веке Talk about science and discuss biographies of scientists Gerund, time expressions in compound sentences 8

Total: 120 academic hours