Study program

Learning process at Enjoy Russian Language School

Russian language learning at “Enjoy Russian Language School” is organized according to Russian language testing system (TORFL) supervised by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, and is compliant with the best education quality standards.

We offer Russian language programs for foreign students of any age and any level of proficiency in Russian – from beginner (А0) to advanced (С1/С2). Each course curriculum is carefully planned and structured. It includes the exact amount of material needed to reach the next level.

Advantages of Enjoy Russian learning process based on Russian language testing system (TORFL):

We establish clear and realistic language learning objectives. The content of each course (study program) can be found on our website.
Our students know for sure what they are going to learn and what level they achieve upon completion of the course.
If you want to find out your level of Russian, take a short grammar and vocabulary free test online that will help us determine your proficiency level. After the test, we will inform you what level you are at, and which course is recommended for you to take.

Let see how it works

So, if you are A1 (Elementary level), you can take 1-6 modules of A1-A2 study program. If you take them all, you’ll reach A2 level of the Russian language proficiency. The time needed to do all the 6 modules is different for each person/group because everyone’s pace is not the same. It usually takes 6-8 weeks to cover the program of the course A1-A2. If you don’t have time to take the whole course, you can take as many modules as you wish, and cover a part of the course that will also be a significant step towards the improvement of your Russian skills. If you are in the middle of a level, A1+ or A2+, you can join the course in the middle of it. So, let’s say you know the material of 3 out of 6 modules of our A1-A2 study program. Our advisor will recommend you the dates when you can join the course starting from the 4th module.

Welcome to Petrozavodsk and enjoy learning Russian with us!

Courses and modules

A0-A1 level. Modules 1-6

А0-А1. Elementary Course is a breakthrough course designed for beginners, who want to acquire and develop the Russian language knowledge and skills. The course will lead you from the alphabet up to the level, when you can have simple conversations with Russian native speakers. It consists of 6 modules (6 weeks), 120 – 160 academic hours. If your level is in the middle of A0 and A1, you can always join in the middle of the course.

Module 1

TopicsYou will learn to…Grammar and vocabulary
1.Meeting people

2. Occupation

3.Daily routine


Tell time, make an appointment, talk about your everyday activity, about professions, ask for a phone number, ask for repetition, get acquainted, introduce yourself and othersCyrillic alphabet, constructions «Кто это?», «Что это?», «Это…»

Numbers 0-9, professions, personal pronouns

Verbs conjugation

Time, parts of a day, numbers 10-100

Module 2

TopicsYou will learn to…Grammar and vocabulary

2.Our lesson

3. Personal things

4. My plans

5. My city

Talk about your family, understand your teacher’s instructions, talk about what you have and ask people if they have something, set a meeting, talk about your plans for a week, about your city, ask where to go, understand signs in a cityPossessive adjectives, family members

Imperative form of verbs, activities at the lesson

Gender of nouns, construction «У меня есть…», personal things, numbers 100-1000

Nouns in plural, days of week

Adjectives, places in a city


Module 3

TopicsYou will learn to…Grammar and vocabulary
1.In a restaurant





Order in a restaurant, buy a ticket, talk about your day yesterday, about countries, ask a person where he/she is from, talk about the weather, traditions and nationalities


Accusative case, phrases for ordering or buying something

Past tense of verbs, prepositional case for locations

Countries, months

Weather, seasons

Traditions and nationalities

Module 4

TopicsYou will learn to…Grammar and vocabulary
1. My house



Describe your house, call for a master to fix something

Talk about food, invite friends for dinner

Plural of nouns (exceptions), furniture, rooms

Instrumental case, useful phrases for shopping and restaurants


Module 5

TopicsYou will learn to…Grammar and vocabulary
1. Recipes


3. Character

Describe and share you cooking talents and recipes, talk about health, about lifestyle, mood, agree and disagree, describe a person’s characterFuture tense

Dative case, short form of adjectives, parts of body, emotions, mood

Adjectives, describing a person’s character


Module 6

TopicsYou will learn to…Grammar and vocabulary
1. People

2. Clothes

3. Travelling


Talk about people’s appearance, compare things, buy clothes, order a taxi, talk about your trip


Comparative and superlative adjectives

Genitive case

Verbs of motion идти, ходить, ехать, ездить, transport

A1-A2 level. Modules 1-6

А1-А2 Basic Course is prepared for those people, who want to deepen their Russian language knowledge, and skills, and feel more confident in speaking. This course will boost your vocabulary, help you to review the cases, verbs of motion and aspects of verbs, and learn new grammar points. It consists of 6 modules (6 weeks), 120 – 160 academic hours. If your level is in the middle of A1 and A2, you can always join in the middle of the course.

Module 1

TopicsYou will learn to…Grammar and vocabulary
1. Self-portrait

2. Jobs

3. My day


Give personal information, fill in applications and forms using the formal Russian, talk about jobs and salary, say the time and describe your day


Verbs зовут, называется, учить, учиться, изучать; question words, difference between работать, подрабатывать, зарабатывать, time expressions, directions (Accusative case)



Module 2

TopicsYou will learn to…Grammar and vocabulary
1. Life style

2. Free time

3. Recreation

4. Shopping


Describe your usual day, share your experiences and talk about free time, talk about locations and interesting places to have fun, buy things in a store, talk about shopping


Aspects of verbs

Verbs of motion without prefixes

Prepositional case of adjectives

Transitive verbs of motion



Module 3

TopicsYou will learn to…Grammar and vocabulary
1. Impulsive buyers

2. To eat or not to eat?

3. Health

4. At the doctor’s

5. Likes & dislikes


Talk about shopaholism and compare shopping in different countries, talk about food, diets, restaurants, talk about health and diseases, healthy life style, about symptoms and diagnosis

about things you like and don’t like


Genitive plural


Imperative, prepositions с and без

Aspects of verbs with можно and нельзя

Aspects of verbs in imperative

Accusative case of animate nouns and adjectives, verb нравиться / понравиться


Module 4

TopicsYou will learn to…Grammar and vocabulary
1. Art

2. How can I get to…?

3. Traveling


To describe pieces of art, talk about artists and their paintings, ask and explain the way, talk about routes, talk about trips and traveling, recommend places you’ve visitedTime constructions, verbs with root –каз

Verbs of motion with prefixes

Aspects of verbs of motion, constructions with хотя, несмотря на, чуть не


Module 5

TopicsYou will learn to…Grammar and vocabulary
1. Beauty will save the world

2. Character

3. Is there life on mars?


Talk about appearance, describe body and face features, compare things, describe people’s personalities, talk about fate and horoscopes, talk about global problems (ecology, wars, terrorism)


Comparative and superlative forms of adjectives, то,