Published: 05.07.2021
There are many words in Russian that confuse a foreigner. What's the difference between ТОЖЕ and ЕЩЁ. Let's find out how to use them in your speech correctly!

Well, the easiest way to remember which one to use is this one:

  • Use ТОЖЕ when you talk about two or more people or things in a sentence and you kind of compare them saying that they are the same or similar:
– Я хочу яблоко. Ты тоже? – I want an apple. Do you want it, too?

– Люди в России любят хоккей, в Канаде люди тоже любят хоккей. – People in Russia like hockey, in Canada people like hockey, too.

  • Use ЕЩЁ when you talk only about one person or thing and in a sentence you are listing some facts about him/her/it and edding one more at the end:
– Я хочу яблоко, персик и ещё арбуз! – I want an apple, a peach and also a watermelon!

– Люди в России любят хоккей, футбол и ещё теннис. – People in Russia like hockey, football and also tennis.

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