Как приветствовать друга разными способами?

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Published: 17.08.2021

If you actively use such phrases like привет, здравствуйте, добрый день in your communication, it means it's time to learn new phrases for greeting people in the Russian language! As you know, native speakers can greet each other in many different ways – and it's natural! Let's have a look at some expressions that Russians use frequently:

10 ways to greet people in Russia

  1. - Приветик! – it's a slang word derived from well-known привет. This greeting is very common and informal.
  2. - Привет всем! – Hello everyone! You can say it when you see a group of people, for example, classmates or friends – or someone with who you have informal communication. For elderly people, acquaintances or your professors it is better to say здравствуйте.
  3. - Как ты? - What's up?
  4. - Здорово! – hey! It's an informal way of greeting people. Do not confuse the stress, otherwise, you'll say cool – здорово!
  5. - Как жизнь? – how are you doing? How's your life going?
  6. - Какие новости? Что нового? – What's new?
  7. - Сто лет (уже) не виделись! I haven't seen you for ages! (for a hundred years!)
  8. - Сколько лет, сколько зим! – I haven't seen you for ages II, but here we say "haven't seen you several summers and winters!"
  9. - С приездом! – welcome. We use it when we haven't seen a person for a while, and he/she arrived after a long journey. Here we use the word приезд in the instrumental case because it's implied that we say "congratulations on arrival" – поздравляю с приездом. As you remember, after поздравляю goes the Instrumental case. - С прилётом! – also means welcome, but a person arrives by plane.
  10. - Рад(а) тебя/вас видеть! – glad to see you! In case you forgot: men use the form рад, women say рада. If you are on friendly terms with someone, just say тебя, and if it's a formal relationship, use вас.

Как вам? Or how did you like it? What greeting did you like the best?
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