Published: 05.07.2021
Hard work and professional teachers do wonders

This is a widespread opinion that the more languages you speak the more opportunities you have, including both career and traveling, but to become at least beginner one needs to spend hundreds of hours. Foreign Service Institute (USA) has divided all European languages into five groups according to their difficulty. Russian belongs to category 4 which means that it takes about 44 weeks before you start communication with Russians with no difficulties. Enjoy Russian School teachers with more than 40 years of experience in total will say "Not exactly!" and here is why.

Individual approach is the keystone in learning languages. Russian is not an exception

When we start looking up for some courses, no matter what skills we want to improve (playing the guitar or picking up last grains of rice with chopsticks), we often stumble on the Individual approach setphrase. Enjoy Russian author and languages learner Elena: "It is important to remember that we are all different. Each of us has strengths and weaknesses – this is exactly why an individual approach is so important. An experienced teacher would be able to assess your current level of knowledge as well as your strengths which would help to inform the training approach and methods. We all learn at our own pace and are good at different things. A holistic and flexible approach that is tailored to your individual needs and strengths is key to your success."
Usually, the Individual approach includes:
  • educator's awareness of motivational factors. Why does he/she study this?
  • ability to find educational materials which will resonate with student's interests
  • ability to be on the same wavelength with a student even if you have just a few things in common. A quiet-minded student may not like dialogues or public speech on the very first lesson while a hot-tempered person will get bored from constant reading or similar drills too fast.

Basically it means that no matter what is the start point, your studies will be efficient through every second and on each. That's why Enjoy Russian School teachers always implement the IDEA of individual approach while teaching Russian and make your progress go fast.

Enjoy Russian tried and proved timescales

"Start speaking Russian in 6 weeks". This is what our home page logo says. Do you think it is showy? Take a look at the information below first. Study program at Enjoy Russian School is divided into 30 modules. Each of them will take you 1 week to cover. In other words, 30 weeks of learning Russian in a group will get you from total beginner to B2 student.

  • On your day 1 at Enjoy Russian School, everything you know is ПРИВЕТ (informal greeting in Russian) but 6 weeks later you can order food at a restaurant by yourself and even impress your family giving Russian names to each piece of furniture in the room. Topics to be covered in the first modules are meeting people, daily routine, occupation, time, city, family, restaurant, weather as well as nationalities, character, and health. As for the grammar, you know how to count, change simple verbs (including motion ones in Present, Past or Future Tense) depending on the nouns. All in all, you do speak Russian.
  • Basic course (your next 6-week-term in Russia) opens up new verbs and aspects of verbs, comparative forms of adjectives, and more complicated prepositions. As for the vocabulary, believe us or not, you will be able to understand or say by yourself the following sentence: Мой ребенок заявил, что изучать иностранный язык для него это пустая трата времени, хотя в других странах этот навык считается очень полезным. It means you are on the A2 level. One of the main things here is practice with natives. Enjoy Russian teachers usually organize tandem learning to help students to improve speaking skills.
  • Step 3 (A2 – B1 level) might be called a Great Russian Breakthrough because usually at this point students can understand interviews and give directions, share views about historical events or make doctor's appointments. Methods used at this level always include outdoor practice, when teachers of Enjoy Russian organize city quizzes or contests around the main sights of Petrozavodsk.
  • Once you get to the stage of 30 weeks you are able to talk about politics, economics, demographics realm. Doesn't it sound impressive? This is the right moment for you to get a B2 language certificate.

No matter what level you are on now, the Russian course always ends up with a special tradition – projects day. You can choose any topic you want to share your experience and progress with other students and teachers.
Students say

Feedback is another important part of an individual approach. Students are free to talk to School managers any time they want and they fill the evaluation form at the end of their study in Petrozavodsk. Here are just some examples.

Andre from Switzerland – I was very happy with the course. It was very diverse and we always approached subjects from different angles (games, describing, writing). Learning more about verbal aspects and verbs of motion was also very helpful. The quality of education was very good and I really liked the atmosphere.

Amaury from France: Olga Eliseeva was my teacher, I learned a lot with her, very pleasant and efficient courses. Now I can understand more or less a guide in a museum I've even caught the Russian accent!

Gisela from Germany: The study program was absolutely perfect for me! I have learned a lot about Russian culture, history of the Republic of Karelia, social development. We discussed interesting issues.

To sum up, you can calculate on your own: each level will take you approximately 6 weeks (about 160 academic hours in total). And if you (say, beginner) aim at B2 level, you need to spend about 30 weeks at Enjoy Russian School. Keep in mind that figures are just figures and each detail matters, maybe you will manage to do it even faster. So grab your passport and see you at Enjoy Russian School!

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