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Teacher Alina says: numerals – one of the most difficult, but important things in Russian

Students often confuse 19 with 90, 12 with 19, etc. Here are a few pieces of advice, how to memorize the numerals better:

1) Remember always to put -надцать at the end, when you count from 11 to 19.
2) Remember that два and две appear in Russian cardinal numbers by turn: двА, двЕнадцать, двАдцать, двЕсти.
3) Maybe it will be easier to remember, when to use ста, and when сот if you think of it grammar wise: 300 and 400 end with ста, because after 3, and 4 we use Genitive singular, and ста is Genitive singular of сто (one hundred): триСТА, четыреСТА. After 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 we use Genitive plural, so we say сот in 500-900: пятьСОТ, шестьСОТ, семьСОТ, восемьСОТ, девятьСОТ.

Here are Top-10 most useful Russian phrases with question word СКОЛЬКО

Surely, you’ll hear some of them lots of times when in Russia.

  1. Сколько это стоит?
    How much is it?
  2.  Сколько сейчас времени?
    What time is it now?
  3.  Сколько времени вы уже в России?
    How long (much time) have you been in Russia?
  4.  Сколько времени вы ещё будете в России?
    How long are you going to stay in Russia?
  5.  Сколько раз вы уже бывали в России?
    How many times have you been to Russia?
  6.  Сколько городов России вы уже посетили?
    How many cities of Russia have you visited?
  7.  Сколько лет вы уже изучаете русский язык?
    How many years have you been learning the Russian language?
  8.  Сколько языков вы знаете?
    How many languages do you know?
  9.  Сколько вам лет?
    How old are you?
  10.  Сколько у вас братьев / сестёр / детей?
    How many brothers / sisters / children do you have?


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