Russian Language levels and Testing system

Russian language levels and testing system

There are six levels of the Russian language proficiency:

A1 (Элементарный – Elementary) – You start from complete 0 (from the alphabet) and reach a survival level. It takes 6 weeks (120 hours) to achieve Elementary level if you are a complete beginner.

A2 (Базовый – Basic) – You extend your vocabulary and learn how to freely speak about simple topics. It takes 6 weeks (120 hours) to achieve Basic level if you approved the Elementary one.

B1 (ТРКИ-1 – Первый сертификационный уровень – The first certificate level) – You are able to talk about politics, economics, social problems and other serious topics). It takes 6 weeks (120 hours) to achieve First Certificate level if you approved the Basic one.

B2 (ТРКИ-2 – Второй сертификационный уровень – The second certificate level) – You understand the difference between the colloquial and written Russian, can use slang and read newspapers and magazines. It takes 12 weeks (240 hours) to achieve Second Certificate level if you approved the First Certificate one.

C1 (ТРКИ-3 – Третий сертификационный уровень – The third certificate level) – You can do researches in different branches of science, using the Russian language, use very specific vocabulary.

C2 (ТРКИ-4 – Четвёртый сертификационный уровень – The fourth certificate level) – You are like a native Russian speaker! Congratulations!

Achieved Level

Hours The Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL)

Description of the level




This 6 week course will bring you to the first (A1) proficiency level of Russian. You will learn how to talk about places, describe rooms, interior, freely bargain, talk about climate and weather, gifts and holidays, cinema, music and theatre, friends, appearance and many other things.




This course will lead you to A2 level of proficiency, which means you’ll have enough communicative skills to travel in Russia. During the course you will learn to describe cities, to discuss the advantages of different types of transport, professions, and careers. The course will also help you understand Russian traditions, customs and holidays better.




This course is intended for students who have reached A2 proficiency level and want to improve their Russian. During the course you will learn a lot about Russia, its politics, geographical features, cities and culture. At the end of this course you will receive a B1 level certificate. Having this level is mandatory for those who want to enter a Bachelor degree program at a Russian university.
B2 240


This course will give you the opportunity to achieve B2 proficiency level. Usually having this level is enough to do business in Russia. You will learn a lot about the different aspects of life in Russia and will be able to talk about the problems of Russian youth, about the education system, about Russian music life, religious life, about contemporary Russian literature and much more.

Russian Placement Test

When you apply for the Russian language course at the “Enjoy Russian” language school, you do an entry grammar and vocabulary free test that helps us to determine your level and place you to the right group. The right group for you is a group of students that are approximately of the same level as yours. And being in this level group means that you’ll study the material that will let you increase your level.

When you arrive, the education coordinator of the school will test your level of oral speaking. Sometimes the written test does not show us the whole picture, because some people don’t know the grammar very well, but speak amazingly great. If such thing happens we of course let the student go to a higher level group if he/she wants. We always ask the students if they feel comfortable in their group and propose them to try the other groups if needed.

Russian Textbooks

The textbooks are carefully chosen to meet the requirements of all of the students. We use the same Russian language textbooks for foreigners that are used in universities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Our teachers also prepare extra material if needed in order to make the lessons more interesting, useful and fun.

Russian Lessons

The lessons are conducted from Monday to Friday in the morning or after lunch. So, the students have 4 academic hours of the Russian language lesson a day. One class lasts for 45 mintes. It’s quite intensive, but some of our students want to have even more lessons, so they take extra individual classes in addition to the group lessons. On every Friday you’ll have a test on the material that was learned during the week. It helps you to summarise the grammar and vocabulary points and feel your progress.

Russian Certificate

Finally, at the end of the course we propose you to pass a sample test equal to the international TORFL test (The Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) that is designed  for foreign citizens compliant with the best European quality standards. It allows you to find out your exact level of the Russian language by aspects: grammar and vocabulary, speaking, listening, writing and reading. It’s a great chance for you to prepare for the real International TORFL exam, which certificate is acknowledged all over the world. As a result of the test you’ll be awarded with a certificate of compliance of the Russian language course in the “Enjoy Russian” language school with your language level written in it.